Fully Auto Two Track Flat Bags On Roll (With Core) Making Machine + Hot-slitter

  • Specialize design for producing flat bags on roll with core.
  • Jumbo roll assistant feeding motor, one in-feeding system with pneumatic web lift system.
  • One servo driver system, one photo-cell, two tracks working.
  • Hot slitting device + Dual regusset device + Tension control system.
  • Dual paper core feeding system, non-tension heavy duty sealing device.
  • Dual fully automatic paper core reel changing rewinder.
Item/Model MSCR-40ST2
Bag width (mm) 100-350 x 2 lines
Bag length (mm) 150-750 x 2 lines
Film thickness (mm) 0.008-0.035
Speed (meters/min/line) Max. 100