Plastic Film / Bottle Recycle Machine (Single Station Model)

  • Model: CR-AWD series
  • Product: Plastic pellets
  • Material: HDPE / LDPE / PP waste film / sheet / bags / bottles…
  • Screw L/D ratio: L/D ratio 32:1
  • Temperature controller PID+SCR.
  • ABB inverter.
  • Optional side feeding device can be controlled by ABB inverter for adjusting feeding speed and ensuring the stability of output.
  • Closed type water cooling circular system can reduce the water consumption.
  • Powerful centrifuge ensure pelletizing with low power consumption and high production.
  • Vertical type die face cutting system, easy operation and maintenance.
  • Vibration system with cooling fan could cool down the temperature of pellet, avoid of moisture happen.
  • Low power consumption, high production output.
Items/Models CR-60AWD(Mini type) CR-70AWD
Suitable Material PE/PP film, sheet, yarn & woven bags… soft material Printed HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE / PP film / sheet / bottle
Output (kg/hr) 30-60 Soft material 80-120
Rigid material 80-140
Screw Diameter(mm) 60 70
Screw L/D Ratio 32 :1
Degassing zone Once zone with vacuum degassing
Main Motor (HP) 25 40