Mono Layer Blown Film Machine

Blown film extrusion is a process that creates polymer films. Blown film extrusion lines are the tools used to make these films, and they are becoming increasingly important in the packaging industry.

Monolayer blown film machines are the best choice for beginners who want to make packaging films. They are easier to use and maintain than multilayer blown film machines. Operators can make simple adjustments to the machine to change the film thickness, width, or type of packaging film produced.

World-class Manufacturer of Monolayer Blown Film Plant

Matila offers a diverse range of monolayer blown film extrusion machines for producing packing film with impact strength. These machines can be configured to process wide-width films, making them a cost-effective investment for producing single-layer barrier films and mono-layer blown film lines.

Our monolayer film extruders are available with a maximum output of 750 kg/hour and a lay-flat width of 50 mm to 3,800 mm. They can process a variety of plastic polymers, including LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, MDPE, and so on.

Our monolayer film extruders are manufactured with high-quality raw materials and excellent production technologies. This ensures that our machines are durable and consistently perform well. We also supply customized monolayer film plants. Just contact us for details and price quotes!