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  • Matila is recognized as one of market leading brands in the field of blow film machines. We have accumulated nearly 30 years experience and in-deep expertise in developing offering plastics film extrusion solutions. Now we have launched full line of film blowing machines: Mono-Layer Blown Film Machinery, MultiLayer Blown Film Plants and Other Blown Film Machines.

  • Recycling is the process of converting used materials (waste) into new and useful materials (objects). It can reduce the use of raw materials and help lower greenhouse gas emissions (compared to plastic production, for example). Recycling uses less energy and great way of reducing: energy usage, air pollution (from incineration)...

  • Creating the infinite value with knowledge and technology, Matila develops a series of plastic twin screw extruders.

    Main features of our twin screw extrusion machines:
    • Segmented screw elements & barrels are modular design and exchangeable.
    • Various type feeders can be installed for different process.
    • Different pelletizing systems for choice depending on materials and operation condition.
  • According to different requirements for the end products, we provide many kinds of bags making machines, such as bottom sealing type, side sealing type, and bags on roll type…etc.. If you can provide us more details of your target products, we can recommend you the suitable models accordingly.

  • We provide different types of flexography printing machine.
    Different requirements, such as the printing speed, the colors, and the pattern quality, would be the decisive conditions.
    Gear type (G series) printing machine is driven by gears; the max. printing speed is around 70M/min.
    Belt type (L/H series) printing machine is driven by belts; the max. printing speed is around 80M/min.
    Doctor blade type printing machine can make high quality patterns as photos. For the further information, please contact us.