Blown Film Machine

Matila is recognized as one of market leading brands in the field of blow film machines. We have accumulated nearly 30 years experience and in-deep expertise in developing offering plastics film extrusion solutions. Now we have launched full line of film blowing machines: Mono Layer Blown Film Machinery, Multi Layer Blown Film Plants and Other Blown Film Machines.

Why Choosing MATILA ?

All our blown film extrusion machines are equipped with direct-connection design gearbox, ABB or HITACHI inverter as standard devices, and we use PID thermos controller + SCR for our heating system. All the screw materials are imorted from Japan, and the spare parts are all made in Taiwan. Therefore, we can ensure the good quality and stability of each part and make sure our plastic film blowing machines reach the highest efficiency. Therefore we can guarantee our machine to save up to 20% power consumption than other competitors, which means it can save around USD 200 power rate per month.. With our special design of die flow path, it takes only half an hour to clear off the material inside, this not only makes the operation more efficient, but also improve the quality of end product. Any further inquiry, do not hesitate to contact us.