Blown Film Machine

Matila is recognized as one of market leading brands in the field of blow film machines. We have accumulated nearly 30 years experience and in-deep expertise in developing offering plastics film extrusion solutions. Now we have launched full line of film blowing machines: Mono Layer Blown Film Machinery, Multi Layer Blown Film Plants and Other Blown Film Machines.

The Basics of Blown Film Extrusion

Blown film extrusion is a process of producing thin plastic films from molten plastic. The process involves extruding a plastic tube through a circular die, inflating it with air, and cooling it with air or water. The inflated tube can be collapsed and wound into rolls, or slit and cut into sheets. Blown film extrusion can produce films with various properties, such as thickness, strength, transparency, and barrier resistance. This process can produce plastic films that have various applications, such as making clothing or shopping bags,  building coverings, agricultural mulch film, industrial packaging, and medical products.

Why Choosing MATILA?

Matila is your best choice for blown film extrusion machines. We have over 30 years of experience and expertise in developing and manufacturing mono-layer to multi-layer blown film machines. Our machines can produce films from 50 mm to 3,800 mm wide, using various materials such as PE, PP, recycled materials, TPU, and biodegradable materials.

All our blown film extrusion machines are equipped with direct-connection design gearbox, well-known brand inverter as standard devices, and we use PID thermos controller + SCR for our heating system. All the screw materials are imported from Japan, and the spare parts are all made in Taiwan. These features ensure the stability and efficiency of our machines. We guarantee our machines can save up to 20% more power consumption than other competitors, which means you can save around USD 200 power rate per month. We also have a special design of a die flow path that can clear off the material inside in half an hour. This improves the operation efficiency and the product quality.

Whether you need a standard or a custom machine, we have the right blown film machine for your production needs. We can offer you pre-optimized solutions or highly customizable solutions to produce various products. We have a unique blown film extrusion know-how that spans over 30 years, and we can support you in finding the best machine for your sector. If you need any further information, please contact us anytime.