CT-TPU Film Blowing Extrusion Line

TPU Film Extrusion Line

TPU film stands out as a remarkably adaptable and resilient material, finding its place in a wide spectrum of applications. Its utilization spans the production of an extensive array of items that offer exceptional qualities like waterproofing, breathability, and resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and UV rays, similar to the renowned Gore-Tex material. These products provide unparalleled protection and comfort, catering to the demands of outdoor enthusiasts and individuals in their daily lives. Additionally, TPU film can be tailored to meet specific requirements, guaranteeing a personalized solution that meets unique needs.

As one of well-known blown film extrusion machine manufacturers in the industry, we have manufactured CT-TPU series single and double-layer dual-purpose TPU film blowing machines. The single-layer model can produce hot glue and low-permeability TPU film, while the double-layer model can produce high-permeability TPU film (made of PE film) and high/low-temperature TPU film. The thickness of the produced TPU film varies from 0.012mm to 0.12mm depending on the raw materials used and product specifications.