Co-Rotary Twin Screw Extrusion Line for PE Film recycle + CaCo3 Compounding

  • Model: EKA-RC series
  • Main feeder material: HDPE/LDPE/PP crushed film scraps
  • Side feeder(1) material: CaCO3 powder + Additives
  • Side feeder(2) material: CaCO3 powder
  • Main products: CaCO3 pellet filler, contained 20-60% CaCO3
  • Simple Step: Recycling, compounding, coloring, and filling all combine in one step for saving next step processing procedures.
  • Automatic Process: Accurate mixing percentage control, ensure the product quality and raise the percentage of recycled material during the operation.
  • Use directly: Final pellets can be directly used on next step production.
  • High CaCo3: With excellent compounding efficiency, it can increase CaCo3 percentage up to 80% in final product, which means it can reduce the cost of raw material.
  • Reduce the cost of labor, raw material and power consumption etc.
  • According to the character of used material, the different feeding systems and cutting systems are upon request.
Items/Models EKA-42RC EKA-52RC EKA-62RC EKA-72RC
Used Material Crushed PE/PP film scraps + CaCO3 powder + Additives
Finished Product CaCO3 pellet filler, contain 20-60% CaCO3
Output (kg/hr) 100-150 150-300 200-400 300-600
Screw diameter & L/D 41mm & 48/1 51.4mm & 48/1 62.4mm & 48/1 71mm & 48/1
Main Motor (HP) 50 x 6P 100 x 6P 150 x 6P 250 x 6P
Cutting System(as request) Strand type water cooling
Air cooling die-face-cut
Water cooling die-face-cut
Underwater die-face-cut