Twin Screw Co-Rotary Extrusion Machines

Creating the infinite value with knowledge and technology, Matila develops a series of plastic twin screw extruders.

Main features of our twin screw extrusion machines:
  • Segmented screw elements & barrels are modular design and exchangeable.
  • Various type feeders can be installed for different process.
  • Different pelletizing systems for choice depending on materials and operation condition.
Why choose a twin screw extruder?

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the twin-screw means to have two propellers: a right-handed screw propeller and a left-handed screw propeller parallel to each other one on each side of the plane of the keel.

In comparison to single-screw extrusion machines, twin-screw extrusion machines can be used extensively for mixing, compounding, and reacting polymeric materials. With the continuous production of highly homogeneous and finely structured products, twin screw extruders are widely used for producing a wide variety of end products, converting materials, and managing product quality more consistently, by adjusting screw speed to compensate for wear.

♲ Why MATILA Twin Screw Extrusion?

The main advantages of the MATILA twin screw extruder are segment type. All extrusion can be divided into feeding, conveying, mixing, metering, melting, dispersing, kneading, degassing, etc. You can make any adjustment in each block demand by final product quest, without the need for a re-screw.

MATILA twin screw extursion machines come with screw elements and kneading blocks designed specifically by Matila. The screw configuration can be modified according to the customer's needs, and they are suitable for HDPE, LDPE, Masterbatch, CaCO3, PET, etc. The material and additives are varied. Customized arrangements allow a machine to work efficiently and produce a precise end product. Please feel free to browse our online showroom of twin screw extruders or contact MATILA service team for further info.