Product Name : Plastic Waste Crushing / Washing / Drying Line
Product No : CW
  • Model: CW series
  • Product: Crushed & dried scraps
  • Material: Plastic waste bottles/ films/ sheets/ bags…
  • Temperature controller PID+SCR
  • ABB or HITACHI inverter
  • Can process dirty plastic wastes.
  • According to different quality of materials, the configuration of twin screw will be designed differently.
  • All of the equipment can be added or removed by request.
Suitable Material Floating waste plastic bottles/ gallons…rigid material PE waste film/ sheet/ bags…soft material Non-label PET drink bottles
Output(kg/hr) 250-350 400-600 800-1200 400-600 250-350 400-650 800-1200
Finished products Crushed & dried scraps Crushed & dried scraps Crushed & dried scraps

We have a full range of Plastics Waste Recycle Equipments for diverse demands. Please fill up the inquiry form and send.

  • proimages/detail-optional/Inclined-conveyor-&-Wet-type-crusher.jpg

    Inclined conveyor & Wet type crusher

  • proimages/detail-optional/Twin-screw-friction-washing-conveyor.jpg

    Twin screw friction washing conveyor

  • proimages/detail-optional/Washing-&-Selection-tank.jpg

    Washing & Selection tank

  • proimages/detail-optional/Squeezer.jpg