CT-ABATH Series Double Die Head Co-Extrusion Film Blowing Plant

The twin head model film blowing extruder is designed with 3 extruders, 2 die heads, and 2 winders, it’s like combining two machines into one. The material of the middle extruder will be evenly distributed to the two die heads. Under proper conditions and range, two kinds of films with different sizes and thicknesses can be produced at the same time. Suitable for making T-shirt bag, garbage bags…and other products.

Why Matila Twin Head Blown Film Machine?

The special die head design of ABA distributes the material of A extruder to the outer channel, while the material of B extruder is distributed to the channel of the middle layer, so that B layer is clad in the material of A layer.

We can add a higher content of calcium carbonate masterbatch or recycled material to B extruder; A extruder uses the material according to customer’s required proportion. Due to the higher content of calcium carbonate and recycled material are coated in the middle layer, the surface of the film cannot feel the powdery feeling of calcium carbonate.

Making ABA film can not only save costs, but also has less influence to make the bags in the cutting machines, the bag sealing can be stronger and easier because calcium carbonate is already wrapped in the middle layer of the film.

The die heads of other companies might take more than three hours to clean the material when changing the material. Matila has a special design of die channels with years of experience and research, our die only takes 30 minutes to remove the material. Save you so much time!!