UFO Model 3-in-1 Waste Plastic Recycling Pelletizer for Soft Materials

Controlled by the touch panel control box, UFO Model 3-in-1 Waste Plastic Recycling Pelletizing Machine is very easy to operate. Powerful centrifuge ensure pelletizing with low power consumption and high production. It is very suited for processing many kinds of soft plastics from films to pellets.

Suitable for processing most of the soft plastics materials

UFO series 3 in 1 pelletizing recycle machinery mainly apply to shred, filter and pelletize the soft recycled plastics. It can handle most common types of plastic materials in industry, such as HD/LD/LLDPE/PP film/sheet.

As a manufacturer specializing in plastic recycling solutions, Matila can provide the most suitable and efficient plastic pelletizing recycling lines equipped with forced feeding unit to create a high output. According to the recycled materials of different materials, we can provide customized machine service, technical support and after service.