EKA-RC Model Twin Screw Compounding Extruder Line

The EKA-RC model is an All-in-One solution for plastic recycling, compounding, coloring and filling.

  • Suitable for: HD/LDPE crushed film scraps, CaCO3, additives.
  • Main products: PE/PP + CaCO3 (30-60%) pellets
  • Working capacity: 200-300 kg/hr, depends on material & working process

Why MATILA Twin Screw Extrusion?

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the twin-screw means to have two propellers : a right-handed screw propeller and a left-handed screw propeller parallel to each other one on each side of the plane of the keel.

The main advantages of MATILA twin screw extruder are segment type. All extrusion can be divided into feeding, convey, mixing, metering, melting, dispersing, kneading, degassing etc. You can make any adjustment in each block demand by final product quest, without the need for a re-screw.