Product Name : 3 In 1 Double Filter Plastic Waste Recycle Machine
Product No : CKR
  • Model: CKR series
  • Product: Plastic pellets
  • Material:HDPE/ LDPE/ LLDPE/ PP plastic film, sheet, woven bags, flat yarn… soft material
  • Screw L/D ratio: 32:1 / 40:1
  • Temperature controller PID+SCR
  • ABB or HITACHI inverter
  • Combine shredding, extruding and pelletizing
  • With two stage double filter, machine can change screen without stop, one is mounted before vacuum degassing zone; and the other is before the cutting system.
  • CKR series rise up the production efficient; meanwhile, reduce labor cost, energy consumption and the floor space.
SpecificationCKR-E Economic typeCKR-S Standard typeCKR-D Deluxe type
Suitable material HDPE/LDPE/PP Film/Sheets/Bags
Model 85E 100E 120E 135E 85S 100S 120S 135S 85D 100D 120D 135D
Shredder motor 50HP 75HP 125HP 150HP 50HP 75HP 125HP 150HP 50HP 75HP 125HP 150HP
with inverter control
Main motor 75HP 125HP 150HP 175HP 75HP 125HP 150HP 175HP 100HP 150HP 200HP 250HP
Gear box Heavy duty oil bath gear box (Siemens or European brand)
Screw diameter (mm) 85 100 120 135 85 100 120 135 85 100 120 135
Capacity(kg/hr) 150-250 200-350 300-500 400-700 150-250 200-350 300-500 400-700 150-250 200-350 300-500 400-700
Extrusion unit Extruder 32:1 + Vent Extruder 32:1 + Degassing Extruder 40:1 + Degassing
Melt pressure gauge Mechanics pressure gauge Electronic pressure gauge with controller Electronic pressure/temperature gauge with controller x 2
Melt filter 1 stage
Single slide plate melt filter
1 stage
Dual slide plate melt filter (non-stop operation)
2 stages
Twin slide plate melt filter (1) + Dual slide plate melt filter (2)
(Two times filtering, non-stop operation)
  • proimages/detail-optional/Belt-conveyor-&-Metal-detect-輸送機及金檢機-.jpg

    Belt conveyor & Metal detect

  • proimages/detail-optional/Shredder-破碎機-.jpg


  • proimages/03detail-optional/Vacuum-degassing-system.jpg

    Vacuum degassing system

  • proimages/detail-optional/Twin-dual-cavity-slide-plate-type-screen-changer---雙板式雙工位換網組-.jpg

    Twin dual cavity slide plate type screen changer

  • proimages/detail-optional/Vertical-type-water-cooling-die-face-cutting-system--直立式水冷模頭切造粒系統-.jpg

    Vertical type water cooling die face cutting system